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Attention and Saliency in Online Markets: Evidence from an Online Recommendation System
(with Christian Helmers and Pramila Krishnan), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, forthcoming

(with Christian Helmers and Raghavendra Rau), Journal of Banking and Finance,  Vol 80, July 2017.

(with Markus Eberhardt, Marcel Fafchamps and Christian Helmers),  Economics Letters, Vol. 145, August 2016.

Does the Rotten Child Spoil His Companion? Spatial Peer Effects Among Children in Rural India 
(with Christian Helmers), Quantitative EconomicsVol. 5(1), March 2014.
(with Pramila Krishnan),  American Journal of Agricultural EconomicsVol. 96(1), July 2013.

The Formation and Evolution of Childhood Skill acquisition: Evidence from India
(with Christian Helmers)Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 95(2), July 2011
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with Amrita Dhillon, Pramila Krishnan, and Carlo Perroni

with Manos Kitsios
IMF Working Paper WP/16/13

with Laurent Lamy and Michael Visser

with Jin-Kyu Jung and Anna Ter-Martirosyan
IMF Working Paper WP/18/230

with Yevgeniya Korniyenko, Rita Maria del Rio-Chanon and Mason A. Porter
IMF Working Paper WP/18/113

Risk Sharing with Dis(Aggregate) Shocks
with Manos Kitsios